Meera Mandir

Meera Mandir
Chittorgarh is the place Meera Bai was considered who was a Rajput princess and is in like manner being outstanding as a poetess and heavenly individual. The princess had surrendered her extravagant lifestyle and submitted her life in the adoration for Lord Krishna. The Meera asylum is worked to be given to her and is an uncommonly acclaimed Hindu haven which is an obvious prerequisite visit on your visit to Rajasthan. The great gem on the haven pulls in endless. The haven reflects the Indo-Aryan style of plan which was outstandingly celebrated in those events is up 'til now a bit of our social heritage. The Meera Bai asylum and the Kumbha Shyam haven are both dependent on a comparable ground. On the outside side of the Meera Bai asylum you will see a cut statue of five human bodies with one head which symbolizes the manner in which that people everything considered and belief system are the equal and no refinements exists among them. It is furthermore of sign of flexibility. The asylum has a beautiful statue of Lord Krishna and the Kumbha Shyam Temple has a dull shaded statue of God Garud. The asylum deals with uncommon limits on Meera Mahotsav when various devotees visit the sanctum to offer their petitions. On the outer side of the asylum there is a chhatri where the impressions of Raidas had been made who was the teacher of Meera Bai. The sacrificial stone has a significant inclination and stipends agreement in the minds of the visitors. It has both religious and furthermore undeniable congruity which makes it a basic place of Chittorgarh.
In the midst of the standard of Rana Kumbha, the Meera Bai haven was developed. He had built up various other Hindu havens of which this one is the most conspicuous of all. Meera was a Rajput princess who was hysterically fascinated with Lord Krishna and had submitted for as far back as she can recollect to Lord Krishna. This haven had been generally built with the objective that Meera could venerate Lord Krishna in Chittorgarh.
If you are going by means of air, the nearest plane terminal to the asylum is the Udaipur air terminal and in the wake of coming to here you can benefit any adjacent techniques for transportation to accomplish the Meera Bai haven. The Chittorgarh railroad station is the nearest rail course go to the asylum from where taxis and transports are available to drop the visitors the haven road.
On a visit to this haven the Fateh Prakash Palace is similarly a flat out need visit which is in close district to the Meera Bai asylum. The grandness of the imperial habitation is heart reaching and attracts different visitors.
The haven gateways are open for the visitors in the midst of all periods of the day.
No affirmation cost are charged.
The perfect time to configuration events in Chittorgarh is in the midst of the significant lots of September to March when the environment is particularly perfect for the movement business here.
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